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Our Journey


Primax Solar Energy was founded in 2019, and over the years, our dedication and hard work have earned us the reputation we proudly hold today as Primax Solar Energy (Pvt) Ltd. We specialize in solar panels and inverters to address electricity production challenges and promote sustainable development in society.

At Primax, we provide reliable products and outstanding services. Our commitment is to offer customized solutions and ideas that align with global demands and challenges. We cater to residential, commercial, and industrial needs, offering a wide range of products to meet customer requirements. We aim to contribute to economic growth while fostering an eco-friendly environment.


Our Process

Providing high-quality solar and embedded solutions, renewable energy training, and global recognition for energy efficiency.

Our Objectives

Maximizing customer satisfaction, profitability, and market leadership through innovative expansion.

What We Do?

Leveraging vast experience in renewable energy, we specialize in residential and mini-commercial solar projects with customized turn-key solutions.

Solar Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Our Products

Competitive Edge

Our Competitive Advantage

Our technical prowess, adaptability, and industry collaborations set us apart in energy solutions.

Our organization’s competitive advantage lies in our technical expertise and commitment to project execution. We respond flexibly to project-specific needs and can handle innovative and technically challenging applications, including energy storage integration and hybrid power generation. Collaboration with industry leaders and top suppliers of renewable energy products further strengthens our position. Our after-sales services set us apart from competitors.

Primax Solar Energy delivers on its promise of sustainable energy solutions. Their professionalism and expertise shine through in every interaction. I'm thrilled with the results, and I highly recommend their services.
Asad Riaz


SolarMax products are manufactured with the best quality of material.


Primax solar panel lets you power your home with renewable solar energy

Action Research

Conducting research to drive innovation.

Long-term Planning

Planning for sustainable energy solutions.

Excellence in Energy Solutions


There are several benefits of generating your own electricity using solar. Advances in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and battery-based energy management systems have paved the way to make solar a viable option for most homes or businesses.

We're Here to Assist


For inquiries or assistance, please reach out to us. We are here to help.

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Primax Solar Energy

Empowering Your City with Solar

Installation Services

Discover hassle-free solar installation with Primax Solar Energy. Our experts are here to make your city’s transition to solar power easy and efficient. Reach out today for a greener tomorrow.

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